The One Time I Got Manolos

One of my graduation gifts from my parents was a parent of Manolo Blahniks. I know, I still try to gather this logic in my head everyday. My mom thought I needed something special for when I would go out in the real world and get a big girl job and boy was she right! As my mom told me, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” I think she is right. Here was my reaction when I got them.


at first I was like…


… and then I was like

Xo, Molli


Post Graduate

I can’t believe I am done. Those words are so unbelievably weird to say. In actuality, I have been done for a few weeks but I still can’t believe I am not in college anymore. Although I am sad to see it all go away before me, I am truly excited to start my next chapter. I can’t wait to explore a new job, friends, and hopefully new city. I don’t know where I am going yet which is utterly terrifying for me because I am someone who always has a plan. I am trying to rejoice in the fact that I have some freedom for now but I can’t help but wonder where I am going to go next. I am someone who is clothed in curiosity, enthusiasm, strength, and wonder, especially when it comes to my career endeavors. Though frustration and defeat are often what my emotions subside in lately as a result of hearing the word “no” in various forms, I want to believe there is something out there for me. I want to do better then the years prior. I can’t wait to start a new life and I hope that is soon. Post graduate life is the most struggling time but I know in a few years I will look back and see that this was all worth it. Here’s some picture-worthy moments I have had thus far this summer. Warning: this involves a lot of food, family, and outdoor livin’… I know, terrible. ImageImageImage


Xo Molli 

A Perpetual Bond of Friendship

It’s weird to actually now say I am graduating 1 week from today. These past few months have been incredibly hectic and a lot of the reason why I am so busy is because of my sorority. But fortunately for me, it’s been a good busy. I have had Greek Week, finished all but 1 final, had my last formal, and other things that have made me wear so many hats. But now, it’s all over. I am officially an alumni of my sorority and looking back in my last days of Tri Delta I think about how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to call this house and my sisters my home. Here’s what the last few months have been like for me…


Xo Molli

Viva Las Vegas

As mentioned before, I went to both california and Las Vegas for Spring Break. It was my first time going as a 21 year old so it was a completely different experience. I went with my two best friends from my sorority and we had a blast. I learned I have a love for Black Jack, heels get old quick when walking the Strip, and Mario Batalli’s Mozza is still better then his restaurant Otto in The Venetian. Regardless, I survived and thought the food was still pretty spectacular.  I can’t wait to go back again soon!






Xo Molli

Spring Break: California

I just got back from my last college trip on spring break, which is pretty crazy to say right?! I was able to go home to California as well as go to Las Vegas. I had a lot of great times while home. I went up in a balloon 400 feet off the ground, ate delicious food, went to the farmer’s market, sat by my pool, and hung out with my nephew Jax. Sometimes I forget why I love being home. Like many college students, I battle the love-hate relationship with being home. For the most part though, I found this trip to be fun and normal. I think the normalcy aspect of my family shook me in a weird way but I am trying to realize that everything is just fine. I am excited to see them in a month for my graduation (yes, that thing is coming up). Stay tuned to a post on my trip to Vegas!










Xo Molli

Start of Spring

I truly love the spring time, especially here in Boulder. I love everything associated with the summer feel to Boulder- everyone outside on the hill on their porches or balconies, relaxing by Boulder Creek, rooftop decks for eating and drinks, hikes to the Flat Irons, farmer’s markets, and many others. For the fast couple of days I have been able to have a glimpse of this by lounging in bathing suit tops, shorts, and sandals. But even when it isn’t at the level of tanning weather, the weather has been nice enough where I don’t have to ever wear a puffer jacket anymore (thank the lord). I truly love the snow but I am ready for spring and summer. Nothing puts me in a better mood like great weather and sunshine. Can’t wait for the shorts and sundresses to come out. Hope everyone is enjoying the start of their spring!









Xo Molli

Mom and Grandma Visit

Last weekend my mom and grandma visited and it was so incredibly fun! I ate so much amazing food (D Bar, Brassiere 1010, The Med, and more), traveled to Denver and Estes Park, and shopped until I passed out. It went by so quick but I am excited to see them again in two weeks when I go back to California for spring break. I missed spending so much time with my two favorite ladies! Can’t wait to see them again real soon.













Xo Molli

Denim and Fur

To me, there is nothing better then a fur vest. I can dress it down and dress it up so quickly. I just bought a new one from Tobi last week and it’s everything I could want at a really inexpensive price. Needless to say I have already worn it 2404940302 times. Recently I wore it with my Ann Taylor denim shirt, Lauren Conrad leggings, Frye boots, an H & M necklace, and other fun vintage jewelry pieces. I love the possibilities with this vest. Though I could talk about my love for fur for hours, it’s a busy week ahead with midterms so I must check out from the blog world for a little bit! Got to get back to the grind for now. Hope everyone has a beautiful and happy Wednesday!




Xo Molli

Weekly Update

For this week, it involves fashion photography projects, dressing warm, freezing cold temperatures, and comfort food. This week has been relaxing and enjoyable, especially with all my upcoming projects I have in my life. My mom and grandma are coming in friday so I am bound to have some wonderful adventures (especially food) with them! Happy Hump Day!

acd49050806111e287f422000a1f9afa_7Some of my fashion photography shots that I collaged, scanned, and photoshopped.

b344564277cd11e2977522000a9f308b_7Lobster Asparagus Truffle Mac… AKA heaven in your mouth.

463a22a47f6411e2af5a22000a9f18fb_7My walk to work. Yes, you can be jealous. Just don’t be jealous of the temperature.

5e432354803c11e29a9d22000a1f979c_7My interpretation of comfy cozy. Tank is  Target, Sweater is Francesca’s, Necklace is Free People, and Beanie is Urban Outfitters.

Xo Molli

What I’m Coveting: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls

As seen in multiple past posts on this blog, I love LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls. Her clothes are relatively inexpensive and make some great staples. I can find great pieces for interning but also just to have fun in. She is always on trend and her designs always appeal to the average fashionista. So, as my Valentine’s gift to all of you, I want to share the most coveted pieces from her collection. What’s not to love? In the wise words of Rachel Zoe, “She shut it down.” Thanks LC for never disappointing.

If you are interested in purchasing some of her pieces from Kohls, check out her website here and use this exclusive 10% off blogger code for You can use the code TENFORBLOG through March 9th. Happy Valentines Day to you all!

LC for Kohls

Xo Molli